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Do you have heel pain and wonder what is causing it? Click here and learn more about Heel Pain Syndrome and solving your heel pain issues.
Other Symptoms: • Arch pain • Toe pain • Top of foot pain • Ball of foot pain
Heel Pain

Bunion Treatment

Foot Specialist in Midland, TX

Bunions are one of the more common foot conditions treated by podiatrists. Patients will typically complain of pain when wearing certain shoes, such as tight-fitting dress shoes, or when walking or running. Bunions are usually treated by conservative methods, such as shoe gear modification, padding and foot orthotics. If these fail, surgery is often recommended. There are several surgical procedures that correct bunions. Determining which is the most appropriate for each patient requires knowledge of the level of deformity, review of the X-rays and an open discussion of the goals the surgical procedure is to accomplish. Almost all surgical procedures require cutting and repositioning the first metatarsal or great toe.

Don't live with the discomfort of a bunion any longer.  Our foot specialist is an expert at handling large and small problems with equal dedication. Whether you need foot surgery or a less invasive treatment, let our podiatrist take care of you.  Call today for treatment options in Big Spring, Midland, & Odessa, TX.
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