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Do you have heel pain and wonder what is causing it? Click here and learn more about Heel Pain Syndrome and solving your heel pain issues.
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Heel Pain

Ultrasound Guided Partial Plantar Fasciotomy

This procedure seeks to regenerate the diseased plantar fascia tissue in your heel. The diseased part of your plantar fascia is debrided (scraped) and replaced by tissue growth factors processed from your own blood. All of this occurs through a small needle-like device, providing an optimal environment for your plantar fascia to regenerate. This technique uses high-resolution diagnostic ultrasound with powerful Doppler capabilities to locate the diseased tissue and guide the debridement and infiltration of growth factors to the exact area on the plantar fascia. This new minimally invasive treatment, developed by Dr. Barrett, uses the patient’s own blood to repair their damaged or degenerative plantar fascia. It is done on an outpatient basis and is a comfortable procedure to go through. 

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The patient is usually generally anesthetized for a short period of time. The heel is anesthetized with a local anesthetic, and a small tube of blood is withdrawn. Using a specialized process, the patient’s blood is used to harvest the growth factors. Using high-resolution ultrasound, the degenerative areas of the plantar fascia are identified and excised with a needle-like rasp. This is followed by placement of patient’s own growth factors by injection into the treated areas of degenerative tissue. In order to accelerate the growth factors, this treatment is followed with a course of low-energy shock wave treatments. The shock wave treatment causes the alpha granules in the patient’s platelets to open and release the growth factors into the tissue in need of rejuvenation. The patient is able to walk immediately and usually returns to regular activity in a few weeks. Patients are encouraged to take it easy for several days after the procedure. It is recommended that the patient limit the amount of standing or walking they do during the first 48-hour period. 
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